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  • Are there any limitations to travel?
    Yes, we do not travel outside of Arizona. We will not travel to Las Vegas, California, or Mexico. However, we do not have mileage limitations, trip limitations, or time limitations within your booked days.
  • Are there any additional fees?
    Yes, a 20% Gratuity will be added to all invoices, even if you book services through a third party. We also offer add-ons for an additional fee such as extra days, Grand Canyon, Page, Sedona, 3/4 day excursion, and full day excursion. Please reference services page to see the current pricing for those add-ons.
  • Airport rules
    All airport pickups will be conducted in SUVs or vans in designated pickup zones Pickups are scheduled and grouped by arrival time The whole party does not need to arrive at the same time to be picked up The week of your trip a member of Party Tripper will text or email the airport pickup instructions for your party Airport pickups are only included on booked days. For example: your party booked 3 Day service for Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Your flight comes in on Thursday and departs on Sunday; Thursday is included and Sunday is not included. To have airport service on Sunday you must book that day. We do not give any discounts for the one trip to the airport
  • Is there a minimum or maximum party size?
    There is no minimum party size but there is a maximum party size of 14.
  • Are excursions to Lake Pleasant, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Page, AZ or an ATV Excursion, included in the service?
    Yes! Lake Pleasant, and ATV excursions are included in the WCS at no additional cost. However, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Page AZ (Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon) are available at an additional cost.
  • Grocery Runs and Leftover Food
    Grocery trips are included in the service. We limit 45 minutes at the grocery stores. This includes Fry’s, Safeway, Albertsons, Basha’s, and Costco. We will provide you with membership numbers to the grocery stores (not Costco) so you can get membership sale pricing on your groceries. Hard liquor can be purchased at any grocery store, convenience store, Targets, and Walmarts (except the Pima Rd location as this Walmart is on the Indian Reservation) so you will not need to make a separate liquor store run from your grocery trip. Fry’s and Safeway offer online/curbside orders. If you’d like you can download their apps to order your groceries before you arrive and schedule your pick up after you arrive. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS OPTION!!! Rule of thumb so you do not have left over groceries: whatever you think you need - divide it in half. It is better to get more when needed than to purchase too much. When deciding a grocery list, take into consideration of how many times you will be eating out and how hungover everyone will be. Don’t let your party size fool you into thinking you need a weeks worth of groceries. You do not need 60 eggs for the weekend! Do not purchase anything other than water and alcohol from Costco! Meal planning will help you greatly in over purchasing. If you have left over groceries or alcohol, we will only take UNOPENED food items. We will NOT take alcohol. Please let a Party Tripper representative know the night before pickup so we can prepare space inside the vehicle or schedule a pickup of the leftover food.
  • Is recreational marijuana legal in Arizona?
    Yes. Recreational use is legal for anyone over 21. There are multiple dispensaries throughout the city. If you plan to make a dispensary run, we ask that you research one that is on the way or near your Airbnb. Most dispensaries have a mobile site and an app that allows you to order for pickup. You must be in Arizona to do so. Once you land in Arizona, you can place your order for pickup. They accept CASH ONLY If you are not a regular recreational user be sure to research the different strands to get familiar with their effects. One is a downer and one is an upper. If you are still unsure the staff at the location will help guide and educate you on what to get.
  • Can we leave anything in the vehicles? (Luggage, purses, clothing items, cups, etc.)
    No. We service multiple parties with one van and we need to keep the van free of personal items. If you arrive well before check-in or leave well after check-out of your Airbnb, you will need to make arrangements for your luggage. WE WILL NOT HOLD YOUR LUGGAGE!!! We recommend the following companies for luggage storage:
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